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Balancd App provides a scientific health program that aims to improve the public health whilst socialising with friends.It is free to download, and users will be charged after the 7-day free trial.The pricing page would be shown up and payment info is required before entering the program.However, the pricing page blocked some users that they discontinued the process and abandoned the app.


I led the redesign process of the pricing page with discussion and negotiation with the product owner and the IT team lead.
I have focused on:
👉🏻Ideating the solution and strategy
👉🏻A/B testing with the users

The process ↓


👉🏻I conducted 13 user tests and interviews to see if they would proceed to the next step with the original pricing page. Only 6 of them proceeded.These were the comments of the quitters:"I don't want to pay immediately."
"The page is too wordy."
"The program seems pricey."
"I didn't know how to go to the program "
👉🏻The conversion rate of the app was 4.2%*
Data from App Store Connect


To investigate the reasons behind the pain points, I did in-depth interviews with the users. Solutions and strategies were formulated based on the problems.After communicating with the IT team and considering the time limitations, we have decided to breakdown the redesign and test into 2 phrases.

User Test

Phase 1

ContextOnly changes on text could be done with the time and technical limitations.GoalsTest if the users:
💭are more inclined to click when seeing Try For Free
💭are allured by the program when seeing the discount price
💭understand the simplified app descriptions

I tested the designs with 13 users
👉🏻All users preferred the new text.
👉🏻 4 users chose Design 1.
👉🏻1 users chose Design 2.
👉🏻0 users chose Design 3.
👉🏻8 users chose Design 4.

  • Users are more inclined to proceed when seeing Try For Free

  • Some users are allured by the low price

  • Users could not digest when there were too much information/details

Phase 2

ContextMore changes and flexibility were accepted in this phrase with the consideration of the company's business development.GoalsIncrease the conversion rateTest if the users are:
💭more inclined to the Monthly Price or the Daily Price.

I tested the designs with 13 users
👉🏻 All users agreed that they are more likely to proceed with the new UI.
👉🏻 9 users chose Design 1.
👉🏻 4 users chose Design 2.

  • Users are more inclined to proceed when seeing the Action button.

  • Even though the Daily Price was lower than the Monthly Price, the contrast on Monthly Price was more significant, and users were more attracted by the differences.

  • The concept Monthly Price may seem to be more valid than the concept Daily Price to users

Final Solution

Strategic Content👉🏻To make the app more attractive to users, I've highlighted the concrete result (unique selling point) the app offers with the action verb and the time frame - "Find your Balance in 8 weeks"Pre-selected the program & “Try Free Now” action button👉🏻To eliminate users' thinking process, I've pre-selected the program option.
👉🏻As people are allured the "Try for Free" button, putting the “Try Free Now” button on the page can encourage the users to proceed.

After 2 months ↓

Final Result

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